Chanel Introduces Their First Try-On Lipscanner App

Chanel Introduces Their First Try-On Lipscanner App

Lipscanner app happens to be a world first for Chanel and it changes the way we shop for technology.

Sometimes the perfect shade of lipstick can’t be found in the makeup aisle. But now thanks to technology, this shouldn’t be a bother anymore. With the groundbreaking technology from Chanel, you can find those hues—and any other you see—in an array of lipsticks.

Once a color has been identified, the user can virtually try on the product and consumers can also pair outfits with lipstick. Chanel’s first makeup color scanner app is available for iOS. “The beauty of AI is it is extremely powerful if you have the right data set and if you have the right approach to design,” says Cédric Begon, Director of the Connected Experience Lab at Chanel.

Chanel Introduces Their First Try On Lipscanner App
Image: Chanel

The technology is also available on the Maybelline and Lancôme owners YouTube channel.

The project, in partnership with CX Lab, is reported to have taken months to develop and has launched at the pinnacle time for online shopping. This isn’t the first time a company makes an app to identify lipstick shade and digital makeup try-on isn’t new either. But Chanel happens to be one of the biggest brands in the world with a massive fanbase that will appreciate finding the exact product they have coveted after spotting it on Instagram.

With bricks-and-mortar still closed across the UK due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the AI tools have bolstered in popularity among the biggest players in the sector.

In a mammoth deal with search engine giant Google, L’Oréal expands its AI engagement capabilities by allowing customers to instantly try on products online through any advert from its brand portfolio. Meanwhile, the social media platform Pinterest expanded its try-on capabilities to include eyeshadows last month, an extension of its lipstick try-on tool.

But innovation for beauty apps is not just happening within the realms of colour cosmetics. As lipscanner offers to go beyond the virtual make-up experience, with the possibility of transforming the test into reality.

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