Stick-On Bra Explained: How They Work

Stick-On Bra Explained

Dinner dates are always an exciting occasion to plan for, the dressing up, the makeup, and the anticipation is amazing to experience. But when you’re wearing a sleeveless or backless dress, you begin to worry about how to fit a bra into the entire equation and that’s where stick-on bras come to the rescue.

With stick-on bras, you have the perfect bra for several outfits that would be difficult to pull off with a regular bra such as halter tops, low back dresses, thin-strapped dresses, or backless dresses.

If you’ve encountered problems finding a bra that makes it easy for you to wear any outfit you’d like because you’re worrying about a bra strap ruining it, we have all the necessary information needed to convince you that stick-on bras means goodbye to all those worries.

What Are Stick-On Bras? 

Stick-on bras are an extension of the famous strapless bras that women have fallen in love with, but these are different and more advanced than regular strapless bras.

Stick-on bras are backless, strapless, and firm holding bras that are basically invisible when worn.

They take away the discomfort that comes with tight straps, eliminate the worries of how to wear a bra in backless outfits and they still manage to hold up the breast firmly. They are also made with silicone and medical-grade adhesives that stick to your breasts easily. 

Stick on bra
Image: Push-Up Stick On Bra by B Free Intimate Apparel.

How to Wear A Stick On Bra

Trying on a stick-on bra for the first time might be somewhat confusing and we have taken that into careful consideration, with the steps outlined below you can put on your stick-on bras correctly and feel maximum comfort all through the day.

1. Make sure your skin is not damp

If you have just taken your bath, make sure your body and breasts are dried properly to avoid them slipping off during the process. 

2. Unclasp and position your stick on bra cups properly 

Some stick-on bras come with a clasp for a firmer hold, others may have an intertwined rope while others may just be two separate bra cups. Unclasp or untie the stick on bra cups if you have the types that require such and position them on your left and right breasts properly.

3. Carefully stick the bra cups to your breasts 

One at a time, take a bra cup and stick it to your breasts. Begin by sticking it carefully from your under boob, as it sticks underneath lift it to cover the rest of your breast,  and repeat it for the second breast as well. This method ensures that it stays firmly put for as long as you have it on.

4. Smooth it over and clasp or tie the bra cups together 

After placing it on carefully, smooth any air gaps or wrinkles that may be visible so that they do not come off when you begin to move about. After that is done, clasp or tie the bra cups together and you’re good to go

Are Stick-On Bras Better Than Regular Bras?

Many women are used to regular bras and they are not ready to switch to a bra type that they are not used to because they are not sure that it would be a good idea.

Well, we can bet everything on the fact that stick-on bras are better than regular bras and we have a few undeniable points to further prove it.

Stick on Bras Regular Bras 
A wrong size can be worn without painful discomfort A wrong size causes breast pain and the underwires could cause injury to the breasts 
It is great for big breasts because it provides a firm lift without straps to cause painThe straps cause sore shoulder and back pain for women with big breasts
It supports your breasts and keeps them firm by stimulating the breast musclesIt makes your breast muscles relaxed and your breasts are prone to sagging 
It is flexible and breathable yet firm so it allows the draining of lymphatic fluid It could be tight and hard for your breast to breathe which blocks lymphatic draining and makes you prone to breast cancer 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do stick on bras stay on? 

Your stick-on bra will stay firm for as long as eight hours, but this means that you must’ve carefully worn it to avoid it falling off before that time elapses. If you’re wearing a skin-tight dress or top, that should also keep it in place until you’re ready to take it off. 

Do stick on bras work for D cups? 

Yes, you can use stick on bras for D cups. Stick on bras are available in different sizes and are more beneficial to persons with big boobs because they give it a firm support without the added stress of straps, and you could also shoe off some cleavage.

Are stick on bras reusable? 

Yes, you can repeatedly use a stick on bra up to 100 times as long as they are made with reliable skin friendly adhesive and silicon, you also need the clean them properly after each use for your health.


Date nights just got a whole lot better with stick on bras being pulled into the frame, you do not have to spend hours trying to craft a technique to ensure that your bra stays tucked in to avoid being visible in your dinner dress or pretty little crop top. 

We all see people in stick on bras and secretly hope to try them out, after finding out how reliable and versatile they are, throw your second guessing out of the way and go for it, you couldn’t possibly go wrong with stick on bras.

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