7 Celebs Rocking The Buzzcut Hair Trend

celebs on buzzcut hair trend

How do you know you will look good with a buzzcut? A buzzcut is as feminine as the person wearing it and anyone can really pull off a buzzcut and if you are looking to maintain a teensy bit of hair, you can ask your stylist for a longer version of the female buzzcut.

The buzzcut has become a signature hairstyle for many female celebrities, it is synonymous with strength and has become the most talked-about cuts.

The buzzcut is definitely a way to make a statement and if you are thinking of hopping on this trend, you don’t have to look far for inspiration. Some celebrities are proving women can be really beautiful without their hair.

The buzzcut is surprisingly high maintenance though which means you still need to take care of it. The maintenance of buzzcut depends on how short your cuts are and the boldness doesn’t have to be limited to the cuts alone, you can get it highlighted with colours. So, here are celebs rocking the cut.

7 Celebs Rocking The Buzzcut Hair Trend

It seems the buzzcut is the new hair trend and the look has continued to make a fashion statement. There is an undeniable strength in the buzzcut that is guaranteed to turn heads. Sound appealing. we have rounded up 7 celebs rocking the buzzcut hair trend to help you gets some inspiration.

1. Kristen Stewart Keep Platinum Buzzcut Fun And Classy

Kristen Stewart Keep It Low And Bleached
Image: Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart has always been known to flaunt her beautiful buzzcut. She has always kept her styles classy and interesting and if you are in search of fancy buzzcut then this is one to inspire you. This platinum buzzcut is practical and perfect for all kinds of face shape.

2. Cara Delevingne Sleek Buzzcut Sets Trend

Cara Delevingne Sleek Buzzcut Are Bold
Image: Cara Delevingne

Want a bold buzzcut that is trend setting? If it’s yes then you might want to try out this buzzcut. If you are wondering if buzzcut will suit you, this is the perfect buzzcut to try, it is simple and you can use a colour spray or chalk for the colour so it can wash out after one use if you can’t decide yet.

3. Amandla Stenberg Flaunts Natural Curl Buzzcuts

Amandla Stenberg Flaunts Natural Volumnized Cuts
Image: Amandla Stenberg

The boldness doesn’t have to stop at the cuts, you can definitely spice things up with colour and curls.

4. Tiffany Haddish Shows Off Her Buzzcut

Tiffany Haddish Shows Off Her Buzzcut
Image Tiffany Haddish

Tiffany Haddish is another celebrity who has made the hairstyle buzzcut fascinating. She did get her hair shaved during the 2020 lockdown and when unveiling her buzzcut on social media, she did comment on how much she loved it and we must say we do too.

5. Kate Hudson Has The Perfect Date Night Buzzcut

Kate Hudson Has The Perfect Date Night Buzzcut
Image: Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson had her shaved for an upcoming role in a movie and we must this is a really great choice of hairstyle. It is bold and really classy.

6. Charlize Theron Chic Buzzcut Is Quite Enviable

Charlize Theron Chic Buzzcut Is Quite Enviable
Image: Charlize Theron

The buzzcut really is great for achieving a badass look. Charlize Theron is an amazing actress and a buzzcut is definitely a look you can associate with her.

7. Karen Gillan Buzzcut Has All Our Attention

Karen Gillan Buzzcut Has All Our Attention
Image: Karen Gillan

For inspiration on shorter buzzcuts, here is our favourite. It was believed that Karen Gillan had her shaved for the role of Nebula in ”Guardians Of The Galaxy”. This is a really cool buzzcut hair trend and this look will have you wondering why you don’t have a buzzcut yet.


The thought of chopping off your beautiful mane of hair can be daunting but these female celebrities are showing how glamourous and fascinating a buzz cut can be.

A buzz cut can really make you stand out and if you are thinking of baring it all then this is the time and above are celebrities to show you how beautiful and sexy a buzz cut can be.

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