27 Types Of Heels Every Woman Should Have In Her Closet

types of heels for women

A woman’s closet is said to be incomplete without heels. They are crucial and can be worn with almost any type of clothing style.

You can also walk in any type of shoe if you’re a master with heels. It’s alright if you’ve not been a fan of heels these while, reading the 27 Types of heels every woman should have in her closet, will make you run to your store to get as many heels as you want.

Contrary to some opinions, heels aren’t always painful, you can get different heights and sizes.

In this wiki about types of heels we documented every known heel types women have worn over the past few decades. Every woman should strive to own a pair of these heels or at least try them to know which one they’re most comfortable in.

1. Kitten heels

DREAM PAIRS Women's Moda Black Nubuck Low Heel D'Orsay Pointed Toe Pump Shoes Size 8.5 M US

You ever want to wear a heel but worry about looking too tall? The kitten heels are just what you need. It is a shoe with short, thin heels, it is usually 1.5 to 1.75 inches high (I told you, you don’t have to worry about height).

The fabulous thing about the kitten heel is that it can be worn during any season and with almost all outfits. With the kitten heel, it isn’t just about the height, it adds an extra touch of elegance to your overall dressing

 Do you have a kitten heel in your closet? You should get one if you don’t

2. Stilettos heels

FSJ Women Classic Pointed Toe High Heels Sexy Stiletto Pumps Office Lady Dress Shoes Size 8 Red

The stiletto heels are one of the most popular heels of all time. Dating back to the late 1950 and named after the stiletto dagger, it’s a wonder the heels are still very desired by women today, it is a shoe with long, thin, and high heels, it can go from 1 inch to 8 inches, and sometimes more.

If you don’t have a stilettos heel in your wardrobe, what heel do you have? You can pair the stiletto with a wedding, a special outing, or a work function. Do you have a bridesmaid duty to do? Stiletto is the heel for you.

3. Ankle strap heels

Herstyle Rosemmina Womens Open Toe Ankle Strap Chunky Block High Heel Dress Party Pump Sandals Black 7

The ankle strap heel is one of the heels you can be comfortable in. It has a medium heel and a balanced sole, so there’s no pressure or pain for your feet.

You can rock your ankle heels with pants, shorts or a skirt, or a gown. However, ankle strap heels may indeed cut off your legs, so if you are “not tall”, you don’t want to come close to the ankle strap heels.

4. Wedge heels

Kenneth Cole REACTION Women's T-Strap Wedge Sandal, Tan, 7

If you are a beginner with heels, then wedge heels are your go-to. We love these comfortable heels. The wedge heels are very special and different; their heels run through the entire foot. The wedge can go from 1-4 inches high.

Some we’ve can be pep toe, pump foot, sandal, shoes, boots, etc. The best part is that you can wear a wedge heel for every occasion and different outfits; a walk, wedding, or special outing. It is very easy to walk in, so you don’t have to worry much.

You don’t have wedge heels in your wardrobe? What then do you wear?!

5. Cone heels

Susanny Women's Chic Sweet Round Toe T-Strap Bows Adorable Buckle High Cone Heel Mary Janes Dress Black Pumps 9 B (M) US

When you hear the cone heel, picture the ice cream cone, the cone heel is wide at the sole and barrow at the base. The heel length is mostly small to medium. You can pair your cone heels with a mini or midi skirt, flowy dresses, etc.

6. Slingback heels

Allegra K Women's T Strap Slingback Black Platform Stiletto Heel Sandals - 9 M US

The slingback heels have an ankle strap that is crossed at the back, sides of the ankle, and heels. With these beauties, there’s nowhere you cannot walk into. It is a very comfortable heel to wear, it also gives you a chic feeling.

7. Platform heels

DREAM PAIRS Women's Hi-Lo Red Suede High Heel Platform Pump Sandals - 7 M US

Platform heels are known for their obvious thick base, they come in about 1-4 inches. Because of the height, they may look uncomfortable or hard to wear from afar but contrary to that, the platform heels are one of the most comfortable and easy-to-wear shoes to wear.

They hold your feet at a more comfortable position than some other high heels. Platform heels can be worn with peplum skirts, pants, and blazers, etc.

8. Peeptoe heels

DREAM PAIRS SWAN-05 New Women's Ankle Strap Back Zipper Peep Toe High Heel Platform Pump Shoes,Black Nubuck,8.5 B(M) US

You don’t have a Peeptoe heel? How so?

The Peeptoe is a shoe that comes with an opening at the toe space, and this allows your toe to show. The Peeptoe heels have a way of adding some extra elegance to just any outfit you put on. What’s more? The Peeptoe heels come in high heels, boots, and kitten.

There’s always a Peeptoe for every occasion. Also, the Peeptoe is your avenue to show your beautiful nail polish on your nails *winks*.

9. Pumps

Calvin Klein Women's Gayle Pump, Crimson Red, 7 Medium US

For some people, it is called court shoes. Every girl must own a pump. They’re one of the most popular shoe styles, but if you are not observant, you may regard it as stilettos or kitten.

The difference between pumps and stilettos is that the stilettos are way higher than pumps, also the pump only comes as closed or peep-toes. Need some extra glamor for your outfit? Pumps are your go-to.

They can be worn on almost all occasions. However, you do not want to wear them every day, they’re not the easiest to walk in and can cause you pain if worn for a long time.

10. High heel boots

Shoe'N Tale Women Stretch Suede Chunky Heel Thigh High Over The Knee Boots(7,Black)

We can say that the high heel boots can be classified as “all-time”. It has been around for a lot of years and it doesn’t seem to be retiring any time soon.

The high heel boot is perfect for all outings, especially in the winter, you are assured of warmth. The high heel boots look stunning with any outfit, you just have to know how to pair them.

11. Ankle booties

TOMS Women's Esme Boot Tan Leather 8 M

This is a must for every girl’s wardrobe, just like the high heel boots, they never go out of style.

And unlike the high boots, these can be worn even when winter is over. It is versatile, great with jeans, skirts, and dresses when paired well. Do you have an ankle booty in your wardrobe?

12. Spool heels

Emily Bridal 61128-13 Women's Wedding Shoes Open Toe 2.56 Inches Spool Heel Satin Sandals with Buckle Bridal Shoes (EU37/6.5 B(M) US, Ivory)

Dating back to 1860, the spool heels are back in fashion with more stylish designs. The spool heel is recognized by its narrow middle heel, with a wide top and bottom heel.

The spool heel comes in two types, the high and low spool. If you are not careful, you may miss the high spool heel for stilettos. It can be styled with any outfit, it simply adds elegance. It is comfortable and can be worn by all age groups. You don’t own one? You need one.

13. Mules

MAYPIE Womens Flat Mules Closed Pointed Toe Slip On Loafer Slides Backless Shoes, Brown, 8 B(M) US

We especially love the mule heel. Like some of these other heels, the mules didn’t come to the limelight yesterday, been around many many years back.

The mule heels is a shoe with a covered front and open back. If you’re not used to wearing heels with no strap, you may find it uncomfortable to wear the mule heels, however, we can bet that the mule heels is a comfortable shoe to wear.

They can be styled with any outfit and even work outfit,(did we say you can wear it to work? Yes we did!).

14. Ballroom heels

TTdancewear Women Silver Rhinestone Ballroom Dance Shoes Latin Salsa Performance Dance Shoes 6.5 Silver-2.5inch Heels

You have a dance to attend and you don’t know what to wear? The ballroom heel is not your regular heels.

They are specially designed to help you dance properly, so they provide the support and comfort you need to dance. Although you may experience slight pain or ache, after some time, you’ll encounter ease.

15. Loafer heels

LifeStride Women's Trixie Loafer, Black, 8 M US

We’re so glad the loafer heels are back in vogue! Not that they left anyway. The loafer heels are super comfortable, especially with the heels, you don’t feel any pain even when worn through the day.

The loafer heels add some sense of royalty when worn, what’s more? You can rest easy knowing these heels can be paired with many outfits. They can be worn to work, or for any other occasion.

16. Mary Jane heels

City Classified Curt Comfort Padded Insole Double Buckle Mary Jane Dress Pump, Chunky Block Heel (9 B(M) US, Black)

Looking back to the 1900s, Mary Jane heel has been popular and never out of style. primarily known for school children and young women, other adults are beginning to also love the Maryjane style especially with the invention of new designs.

The Mary Jane heels have around, closed-toe, and a low heel. They can be styled with a wide range of outfits and they look exceptional when worn.

17. Square toed heel

J. Adams Stormi Block Heel - Double Band Square Open Toe Slide Heeled Sandal (White Pu, Size: 8)

The square-toed he is still on trend! Since 2019 that it made its entrance, you can hardly go through social media without seeing one of these.

They’re easy to wear, comfortable, and chic. They can be paired with almost everything, ranging from jeans to shorts and short gowns. They can also be paired with dresses to wear anywhere.

18. Oxford heels

Odema Women Brogue Pumps Wingtip Lace-Up High Heel Oxfords Shoes Ankle Boots Black

Did you know that the Oxford heel has been since 1800? That’s pretty old yea? They’re the perfect shoe for you when you want to look formal or professional.

It gives you the smart look. You probably didn’t know the famous brogue is a type of Oxford shoe? Turn out there are different types of it. They can be paired with any outfit of your choice and for almost any occasion.

19. Scarpin

Vizzano Scarpin Made in Brazil Platform Confort Heel Red Suede Executive Wearing Women Shoes (10)

Are you looking for more sexy heels? This is it! These pointy-toed heels may give the stilettoes look from afar, but they’re different.

These heels are fancier, comfortable, and fashionable. They can be paired with any outfit and for any occasion. We dare say they can be worn to work. If there is any heel every woman should have in her wardrobe, this is it!

20. Espadrille

SODA Topic Black Casual Espadrilles Trim Rubber Sole Flatform Studded Wedge Buckle Ankle Strap Open Toe Sandals (8)

Are you considering heels to be part of your everyday wear, but you’re worried about staying comfy and not looking like a Clown? I’m glad to introduce you to this beauty! The espadrille heel is known for its flexible sole. It’s super comfortable and versatile. It can be worn anywhere and with any outfit of your choice.

21. Chunky heels

Allegra K Women's Slingback Platform Black Chunky Heel Sandals - 8 M US

When you think “easy to wear”, think of chunky heels, it has a thick heel that helps your feet stay stable and balanced, a good thing? They’re never out of style. The chunky heel is best for casual outings.

22. Comma heels

REVOL Maria-2 Clear Chunky Block High Heels for Women, Transparent Strappy Open Toe Shoes Heels for Women (Nude, 11)

We think it’s safe to say that the comma heels are a normal stiletto bent forward or backward, like a comma. It is said to be stronger than the regular heel.

It was designed by the same designer of stilettos, ROGER VIVIER. Although not a lot of people wear this anymore, they’re great for any of your casual occasions and can be paired with any outfit to suit.

23. Cut out heels

Cambridge Select Women's Open Toe Cutout Caged Crystal Rhinestone Slingback Chunky Platform High Heel Sandal, 10 B(M) US, Rose Gold Glitter

Just as they sound, cut out heels are beautiful, whether as boots or otherwise, they’re stylish and comfortable. They can be paired with different outfits of your choice.

24. Fantasy heels

Ellie Shoes Women's M-Vanity, Clear, 6 M US

When you think of the fairy tale type of heel, you’re thinking of the fantasy heels and we know of one person who never stops making our heads turn with hers. Yes, you got it, Lady gaga. The fantasy heel is a heel that comes with a distinctive style, name it and you have it.

25. High heel sandals

DREAM PAIRS Women's NILE Black Fashion Stilettos Open Toe Pump Heel Sandals Size 7 B(M) US

You want to wear heels but do not want it covered or shoes just a bit of your toe? Then you need to get a high heel sandal. It’s like having a mix of both.

It has the front sandal style and any heel type of your choice(stilettos, bumps). They’re classy, comfortable to wear, and can be paired with Jean or any outfits of your choice

26. Medium heels

LifeStride Women's Suki Pump, Black, 9 M US

It’s alright to not want to wear high heels at all times, especially for work or other formal places. The medium heel is the one you need to get. They’re about 3-4 inches, so you can move around comfortably in them all day.

27. Stacked heels

Brinley Co. Womens Faux Leather Stacked Wood Heel Double Zipper Booties Black, 9 Regular US

It’s always a delight to tell you about comfortable heels! These heels have a chunky heel, hence, you’re assured of balance. Like its name, its heel is made up of tiny materials(wood or leather) “stacked” together to form a heel. They’re mostly seen in women’s heels, however, they can also be seen in men’s boots. You need a stacked heel!

It’s been a beautiful time, discussing these heels to have in your wardrobe(yes, we love to do this) and we are thrilled to know you’ll soon be getting them for your closet (that is if you don’t already have them) Christian Louboutin said “high heel empowers women in a way” and we think that is true.

Also, every woman will agree that a heel isn’t just a heel, it comes with elegance and glamor. Heels are quite important for us women and every woman deserves to have these heels listed here.

Tell us which are your favorites in the comments section and don’t forget to follow 7Stuff beauty on all social platforms. Especially Pinterest.

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