16 Baggy, Wide-Leg Pants Styles That’s Just Too H.O.T

Until about a year or two ago, baggy pants were seen as weird and outdated. But now, we’re constantly developing more pant styles that are baggy or wide-legged because we’ve all been pulled into the baggy fashion trends, and we’re not complaining, the ride is exciting.

Baggy pants or puddle pants are any types of pants that are made to be loose-fitting from the waist to the ankles. These types of pants are not meant to fit normally, as the free feel and appearance are the signature of its style. Baggy pants were last popular in the late 90s and early 2000s before tight pants took the reigns.

The rise of hip-hop music and hip hop style was what introduced baggy jeans that were worn by performers, mostly rappers.

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16 Baggy, Wide-Leg Pants Styles That’s Just Too H.O.T

You may have already come across baggy and wide-leg pants, you might even already own one, but I’m certain you’re on the lookout for more baggy and wide-leg styled pants to add to your wardrobe nonetheless.

Here are a lot more suggestions on some baggy & wide-leg pants you need to cop for yourself;

1. Ripped black baggy jeans

Ripped black baggy jeans
Image: Pinterest

Ripped jeans, even without being baggy are a fashion trend that has existed and been loved by many for so long. Ripped baggy jeans are proof that ripped jeans can look even better and be a more comfortable fit. When your pair of jeans is ripped, baggy and black they’re unspeakably hot!

2. Black dyed baggy jeans

Black dyed baggy jeans
Image: Pinterest

Jeans are dyed by simply soaking them in a dye color of your choice, so it can be done from the comfort of your home. Dyed jeans can take on any beautiful pattern, they are an amazing escape from wearing boring plain jeans. Black dyed baggy jeans are aesthetic and badass to rock, you need a pair!

3. Graphic baggy jeans

Graphic baggy jeans
Image: Pinterest

Graphic or customized jeans are simply jeans that are written on or drawn on colorfully. They are no doubt a means to switch up your jeans, they are getting increasingly popular and it’s easy to fall in love with a pair. When they’re baggy, you know you look good and you walk like it.

4. High waisted wide leg ripped jeans

High-waisted wide-leg ripped jeans are one of the best pants to have on, they are especially amazing because the high waist is designed to define your waist, while the wide leg makes your legs look longer and the rips make the entire design completely beautiful.

5. Baggy joggers

Baggy joggers
Image: Pinterest / Relieffe.

Joggers are thick yet lightweight pants that were original to be worn for sports because of how comfortable and easy to put on they are. However, over time they became a type of pants that can be worn with different tops as casual outfits. Baggy joggers are even cooler and more stylish, they can easily become your favorite pair of pants especially when customized.

6. Baggy cargo pants

Baggy cargo pants
Image: Bad B**ches and Good Clothes / Tumblr.

Baggy cargo pants are non-stop taking permanent hostages across the world, the first time you see one, you know that you need one for yourself, they’re so stylish and cool. With the large pockets, guaranteed comfort, and different colors, we all know cargo pants are a YES all day.

7. Plain wide leg high waist pants

Plain wide leg high waist pants
Image: Ultamodan / Pinterest.

If you love high waist jeans, you’re definitely going to love having on high waist pants made from leather, cotton, velvet,  or polyester. High waist pants sit a little above your tummy, they define your waist and your hips nicely. High waist pants rest softly on your skin and can be worn to formal or casual gatherings as they have various designs that suit different occasions.

8. Leather wide-leg pants

Leather wide leg pants
Image: Ador / Pinterest.

Leather pants are made to consist of majorly leather and this is supposed to make you warm and comfortable while you have them on. The leather is windproof and waterproof and a perfect pant type for winter and fall. Asides from being warm, they look classy and great when paired with boots and a top of your choice. Wide-leg leather pants are sultry and lovely, a must-have in every girl’s wardrobe.

9. Palazzo pants

Palazzo pants
Image: American Classic Boutique

Palazzo pants are loose-fitting wide-leg pants that hug just your waist while the rest of them flares out beautifully. Palazzos are the most comfortable type of pants, they are lightweight and they swirl around you while you move. Palazzo pants are easy to match with tops to create a saucy outfit, they are also relaxing and simple.

10. Side slit wide-leg jeans

Side slit wide-leg jeans give you little butterflies when you come around, they are cute and still manage to give off a flirty vibe. These types of jeans have wider legs than others and a slit that runs through from the thighs till the end, the length of the slit can be reduced to suit whatever length you would prefer.

11. Baggy cut-out jeans

Cut-out jeans are a fashion discovery that has taken the world by surprise, a pleasant surprise to be precise. The cutouts are a fashion statement that does not go unnoticed by anyone when you walk by, the sizes of the cutouts vary based on personal preferences and they could be cut at either in the front, at the sides, or the back. Baggy cut-out jeans are especially comfortable and lovely because the cutouts do not have to rest directly on your skin.

12. Baggy high-rise pants

High-rise pants are made to sit a little above your hips or your belly button. They usually sit higher on the body than high waist jeans and are made for comfort and accentuating the lower body. Baggy high-rise pants are stylish and an amazing fit you should consider trying.

13. Plain wide-leg pants

Plain pants are usually straight and fit because they are meant for formal settings, with a simple spin such as added wide legs that flow from the hips down till the ankle they can be made into a more desirable and fashionable pant type.

14. Wide-leg side zip jeans

You might want to pause and pick your jaw off the floor when you see someone in a pair of wide-leg side zip jeans. Side zips on jeans are a twist that makes it ten times more attractive than normal, the zips can be opened to imitate a side slit and in such cases, you have gotten the value of two for one.

15. Two-colored baggy jeans

Of course, you love regular jeans, how about two colored jeans? You’re certainly going to love them more. Two colored jeans are simple jeans that have one color in the front and another at the back, they give off a chill vibe and are effortlessly good looking. To make them even more comfortable to fit into, they can be baggy as well.

16. Color block joggers

Color block joggers
Image: Boohoo

Color block joggers have easily infiltrated the fashion industry and are trending daily. Color block joggers are simply joggers that have different colors on both legs of the joggers. Color block joggers come in various colors, have an easily adjustable waist, and are equally comfortable.


You can say goodbye to uncomfortably tight pants by trying out any of the baggy, wide-leg pant styles mentioned above.

Refine your wardrobe and pick out pant styles that guarantee you look hot day in and out. Although most of these pants are more suitable for casual events, the plain wide-leg pants and palazzo pants can be worn for formal occasions, so go crazy!

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