17 Ways to Wear Plaid Pants Effortlessly

Ways to Wear Plaid Pants

Plaid pants are trending this year, little did we know those pants could be as versatile as they have now proven to be, this discovery is intriguing, and trying plaid pants with different tops and coats is exciting.

Plaid pants were earlier known to be preppy and somewhat boring but these days you’d be forced to get rid of that opinion by how celebrities and influencers are rocking it on the internet.

Plaid pants are pants with crisscross patterns that resemble that of a Scottish kilt, they are traditionally made from wool or flannel and are multi-colored. Plaid pants have been in existence since the 1950s, how did we just get creative with them? It’s a wonder but as long as we have them topping fashion trends as they are now, we can only hope they have come to stay.

Plaid pants can be styled to be suitable for casual, semi-formal, or formal occasions.

17 Ways to Wear Plaid Pants Effortlessly

Plaid pants are a must-have for your wardrobe, they are classy, versatile, comfortable, and can be styled with several clothes to make a great outfit. Below are 17 ways to wear plaid pants effortlessly.

1. Pairing a plain colored blazer with a pair of plaid pants

If you have a plain-colored blazer that has been lying around in your wardrobe, you now have a reason to whip it out and pair it with your plaid pants. Wearing a blazer with plaid pants can easily make you look fashionable and classy at the same time.

This especially comes in handy when you are unable to find a blazer that matches the exact pattern of your plaid pants, you can simply throw on a plain blazer. The fact that you can wear a plain blazer with your pants does not mean that you should make the decision to use any random color, you have to be style conscious when deciding which color to pair with your plaid pants.

A style tip is to go with a blazer that’s the same color as the color that’s least visible on your plaid pants, that way the colors are not overpowering each other or an eyesore, it’s a soft balance. Or you can simply pick a neutral color like black that goes great with everything.

2. Wearing plaid pants with a plain sweatshirt

Plaid pants do not have to always be corporate pants, they can also be worn on days when you’re trying to look casual, comfortable, and stylish. A sweatshirt means you’re trying to look cool yet comfortable and a pair of plaid pants can complete it and give you the perfect look.

3. Wearing plaid pants with crop tops

Your plaid pants can even be part of your outfits lined up for hot girl summer, I can bet you had it saved for fall. You can pair your plaid pants with any crop top of your choice, crop tops are a versatile article of clothing and when worn with plaid pants they are an excellent fit.

4. Switching it up by wearing plaid pants with a tank top

Tank tops are no doubt an interesting article of clothing, they come in several colors, patterns, and sizes to suit different occasions and persons. They are an adorable fit when paired with plaid pants and a pair of boots, it’s nothing extra but it gives an edgy look that makes the fit enjoyable.

5. Pairing plaid pants with a turtleneck

Turtlenecks surprisingly go really well with plaid pants because they add a sophisticated feel to the entire outfit. A black turtle neck especially has a mysterious and warm twist that makes it a dapper look. You can choose to play around with other colors of a turtle neck, when paired this way it can serve as a classy fall outfit.

6. Wearing plaid pants with a coat for the winter

Coats are a great clothing option to pair with plaid pants because you can look classy and impressive without trying too hard. Dressing up in a coat and a pair of plaid pants is a stylish look that is ideal for fall and winter, you get the chance to look great and be warm while doing so, absolutely amazing.

7. Pulling on an oversized t-shirt with plaid pants

Everybody loves an oversized T-shirt, they are comfortable and give off a dope vibe. Oversized t-shirts are trending and have been worn with just about anything, plaid pants are no exception. This is a great summer dress-up combo, it’s light and easy to pull together. The oversized t-shirts can also be tucked into the plaid pants with a belt worn over them.

8. Coupling plaid pants with a button-up shirt

You can wear your plaid pants with a button-up shirt as well, it is one of the best ways to use your plaid pants to achieve a corporate look fit for formal events and even semi-formal occasions as well. For formal events, a fitted white button-up shirt can be worn on your plaid pants and tucked in, while for a semi-formal event an oversized white button-up shirt left untucked will suffice.

9. Throwing on plaid pants with a corset top to look hot

Being able to throw on a corset top over any pair of plaid pants is exciting, the versatility of plaid pants and corset tops going hand in hand makes for a hot and easy-to-style clothing option that everyone is bound to love. Corsets are pretty and designed in detailed patterns that allow them to hug and show off the waist of their wearer, with plaid pants and a little jacket, it would look perfect.

10. Wearing a turtle neck sweater with plaid pants for fall

Okay, this is no doubt one of the best fall looks to look forward to while the season is fast approaching. Turtle necks sweaters are thick and warm, they cover your entire hands and go the extra mile to cover your neck as well, putting these on with plaid pants gives off an exquisite and calm vibe.

11. Styling plaid pants with a camisole

The fact that the possibility of pairing plaid pants with a camisole exists simply goes to further prove that plaid pants can be worn during the summer with the right choice of tops. Camisoles are best worn with high-waisted plaid pants, while in this fit you’re certain to be feeling yourself and you have every right to.

12. Pairing plaid pants with a fitted long sleeve top for casual outings

Asides from being compatible with long-sleeved button-up shirts, plaid pants can also be worn with fitted long sleeve tops. By simply tucking in your long sleeve top into high-waisted plaid pants and pairing it with some boots. This is suitable for casual gatherings and a jacket can be thrown over it if you feel the need to.

13. Wearing plaid pants with an overcoat to look classy in fall & winter

If the occasion calls for an outfit that is casual, warm, stylish, and yet classic, you can settle for wearing your plaid pants with an overcoat. This like others is easy to put together and can be completed with a turtle neck as an inner or any plain colored fitted top. It’s as though by combining two plaid pant styles, you’ve created a perfect winter & fall outfit.

14. Putting on plaid pants and a sweater vest for the holidays

Sweater vests have made an impressive comeback to the fashion industry and have become compatible with several fashion trends. With different styles, colors, and patterns to choose from you can pair them with plaid pants for the holiday season. You can choose to wear just a sweater vest or you can wear a short sleeve or long sleeve shirt underneath.

15. Wearing plaid pants with a fitted open back top to look edgy & sexy

A lot of women are constantly embracing the backless shirt trend, open back tops have a flirtatious feel they tend to give off when worn. When paired with plaid pants, backless tops make the outfit edgy and sexy. Simply pick a color of a backless top that suits you and tuck it into your plaid pants and you’re good to go.

16. Wearing plaid pants with a leather jacket to look daring

When we mention leather jackets, the first thing that comes to mind is a black biker leather jacket and in this case, that’s what we are referring to here. A leather jacket worn with plaid pants makes you look daring and somewhat mysterious. It is a look you cannot possibly go wrong with and it is a hit style trend.

17. Pair plaid pants with a cable knit sweater for comfort

Cable knit sweaters have a unique and lovely design that makes them an ideal clothing choice to be paired with plaid pants. Cable knit sweaters have a way of making you look graceful and feeling warm as well as comfortable, it’s nice to finally catch on the trend of pairing them with plaid pants for an even more amazing look.


The charm/ secret is to pair your plaid pants with plain colored blazers, sweatshirts, crop tops, tank tops, turtlenecks, coats, oversized tees, button-up shirts, corsets, camisoles, long sleeve tops, overcoats, sweater vests, open back tops, leather jackets, or cable knit sweaters for a perfect look.

When these tops are plain, they don’t outshine the design of the plaid pants or make the outfit look too busy, they’re just right and complement the tops instead.

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