Trend Alert: 17 Ways to Rock The Cow Print Style Today

Cow print is currently the must-have trend. Just like every other animal print, it has its unique way of styling.

The animal print is an exotic stand-out in fashion and frankly, the cow print happens to be the bigger western trend. There are so many reasons to love this black and white animal print. Some fashion trends never go out of style and cow print happens to be one of them, it has been a fashion staple for quite a very long time.

While the leopard print is pretty refreshing and will continue to make major statements, cow prints are currently causing a buzz as celebrities are finding new ways to recreate it every day. This print has been spotted on the runway and Instagram is filled with new designs you can’t help but love.

If you love animal prints or look forward to making edgy-chic statements then the cow print style comes in handy. The cow print trend has been sported on magazines, runaway, and it’s even being adopted on the street style set as well.

The cow print style is moo-ving in the right fashion direction. The reason most try to avoid animal prints is that they consider it difficult to rock, however, this is not the case with cow prints. To take the cow print trend to a whole new level, this article has just the perfect ways to rock it.

17 Ways to Rock The Cow Print Style Today

To make a fashion statement, understanding how to combine prints is the first place to start. Cow print might be bold, but it’s filled with neutrals hence it is easy to make statements with it. However, if you are not too sure about how to pair this print, we have compiled 17 ways you can rock it effortlessly.

1. Cow Print Pant With Cami Top And Jacket

Layer Up With A Long Fur Coat
Image: @notalwaysclothesminded // Instagram

This is one of the easiest and luxurious ways you can pair a cow print style. The pant adds some cool vibe to the overall outfit. You can pair this with a long coat or keep it classy as simple as seen above. You can go with practically any type of footwear which includes heels and sneakers but if you are matching with boots then you will have to go with denim cow prints.

2. Romper Cow Print Style

Romper Cow Print Style
Image: @caitlinmcgill // Instagram

Romper or jumpsuit have found a way into fashion and are here to stay. The cow print romper is another exciting way you can hop on the animal print trend. This is quite cool, and it can go the basic street style or keep it cowgirl-like with a hat.

3. Cow Print Top On Bootcut

Cow Print Top On Bootcut
Image: @altardstate // Instagram

The cow print top is everyone making a major statement and here is one of the ways you can rock it. Pairing a cow print long sleeve top with boot-cut jeans can only be described as effortlessly gorgeous. This is just the perfect cowgirl style to go for, and we must say it’s quite stylish.

4. Complete Cow Girl Style

Complete Cow Girl Style
Image: @jenniestnmark // Instagram

Going for the complete cow print styling is bold but playful as well. If you are ready to go all-in for the cow print pattern then this is just what you need to replicate. The simple but classy styling of the skirt makes it more fascinating and not to forget the classy jacket that compliments it all.

5. Dress With Cow Print Boot

Dress With Cow Print Boot
Image: @chelseakslay // Instagram

A dress with a cowgirl boot can never go wrong. A simple body-con dress paired with heel boots tends to give an exotic glamorous vibe and when the boot is cow print pattern then it’s even more stunning. This is ideal for parties, dinner, vacation, and nights out.

6. Layer Up With A Cow Print Fur Coat

Layer Up With A Long Fur Coat
Source: Street Vogue

Going for the cowgirl look but with a tint of something modern then here is the trend you need to try. Cow print fur coat sure makes all the difference in this outfit. Keeping it stylish like this is the ideal style we look forward to seeing more of in 2022.

7. Cow Print Skirt With Boot

Cow Print Skirt With Boots
Image: @laureeeenbriley // Insatgram

Cow print skirt can change the whole skirt game for you. You just need one as dramatic as this one and pair it with animal print boots or go with neutral colors. This is one cool outfit for parties, vacation, office, and casual days out.

8. Edgy Print Outfit

Complete Edgy Print Outfit
Source: Trends

For a more edgy but subdued look, this is one you can make a statement with. This style is a bit playful and sophisticated as well. If you want to tone it down, the skirt can be substituted for black pants or denim.

9. Cow Print Top And Bag

Cow Print Top And Bag
Image: @hey_its_samii // Instagram

Here is another classy way to rock the cow print style without being over the top. This is another great way to keep it classy and less dramatic and this will also be cute with mom jeans. The combination is sophisticated and ideal for parties, vacation, and daily wear. The bag is another interesting way to ease into the trend.

10. Layer Top Print And Pair With Ripped Jean

Layer Top Print And Pair With Ripped Jean
Image: @altardstate // Instagram

The graphic tees are the perfect go-to if you are new to the cow print trend then here is the right place to start. This is keeping it casual and stylish at the same time.

11. Bottom Bell Cow Print

Bottom Bell Cow Print
Image: @la.bulevard // Instagram

You should make room in your closet for this simple but classy combo. Your bell-bottom cow print has found the perfect way to be combined. This is one sassy cow look you can’t ignore.

12. Cow Print Crop Top With Maxi Skirt

Cow Print Crop Top With Maxi Skirt
Image: @kyaramagalhaesoficial // Instagram

This outfit can go for professional and casual. This is another interesting way to pair your cowgirl tops. Maxi skirts tend to work for crop tops, and you can match them with heels or wedges.

13. Long Sleeve Top With Short

Long Sleeve Top With Short
Image: @michaelalian // Instagram

This is one of the fun ways you can style a cow print long sleeve top. Styling with shorts is an elevated way, and it’s sophisticated enough for any occasion. You can switch the shorts for bell bottom pants for a playful bold look.

14. High Waist Cow Print Jean

High Waist Cow Print Jean
Image: @beesxcloset // Instagram

Here is another way you can ease into the western print trend. Cow print trousers are not just interesting, but they help keep things stylish and not too dramatic. If you are not so into accessories then this is cool to make up for it.

15. Cow Print Jacket

Cow Print Jacket
Image: @femmamagenta // Instagram

The cow print jacket is not being shown off enough. Being black and white, you can easily sling it over any outfit in winter. This is a stylish street style you can rock anytime.

16. Spaghetti Strap Cow Print Dress With Hat

Spaghetti Strap Cow Print Dress With Hat
Image: @chantelsmakeupnbeauty // Instagram

A chic cow print gown will work for both summer and winter. You just need to add some leather jacket to it for winter or formal occasions and a classy cowgirl look, a cow print bucket hat will do complement it.

17. Long Sleeve Cow Print Dress

 Long Sleeve Cow Print Dress
Image: @theroseb // Instagram

Cow print gowns are another fashionable piece we know won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. So, we have the perfect outfit combo for you if you can’t make up your mind. Styling a cow print gown with a black boot and hat help simplify things and still make a statement.

Wrapping Up

We do agree that cow print takes boldness to rock it effortlessly, but it can be a lot easier when you have something to inspire you. You can start with a one-piece cow print outfit to test the waters. While leopard print can be ambiguous and fierce, cow print is more of a docile and friendly print.

One of the easiest and subdued ways to try cow prints is to keep them cool and calm.

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