10 Popular Pant Trend Predictions For 2024

Pant Trend predictions 2022

Cinderella’s fairy godmother knew just the perfect fit for her to wear for the party, and now we’re taking her wand and giving you ten popular pant trend predictions that are nothing less than spectacular. We don’t want to be caught slipping when it comes to pant trends, and neither should you.

A fresh start can also mean a better wardrobe and an embrace of fashion trends that suit you. We don’t have to take boring clothes with us to the new year, you should scribble this in your New Year’s resolutions list and make sure you tick it when you switch up your looks.

Specifically, we’re here to make sure your pants collection is up to date going forward.

Pant Trend Predictions For 2024

Predictions are usually a 5 when put on a scale, but for these popular pant trends, we’ll have you confessing we hit a 9 on the scale. Here are ten popular pant trend predictions so you can be fully prepared to take the year by the reigns fashion-wise.

1. Baggy striped pants

Striped pants are known to be best suited for formal occasions, they are usually grey but in recent years have been made available in more designs and colors. Baggy striped pants are already trending across social media platforms and will continue to get more popular amongst people, it is comfortable, fashionable, and can be paired with different tops for a great look.

Here’s a whole post on baggy, wide-leg pant ideas for you.

2. Custom-made graphic pants

The introduction of widespread customization of pants has become an easily embraced trend, the freedom to choose how and what designs go on your pair of pants is nothing short of amazing. Being able to have your favorite character or a particular pattern of your choice on your pair of pants gets you excited about such pants.

3. Cargo pants

Cargo pants have come to stay, they have entered the fashion industry and become a favorite for both men and women alike. They are unique because of the large pockets they are made up of, they are usually loose-fitted and made from cotton to ensure comfort and easy movement. They can also be referred to as combat pants because they resemble military workwear.

4. Plain & Ripped baggy jeans

Baggy jeans or puddle pants which are simply loose-fitting jeans whether plain or ripped have also been amongst the recent trending styles, they tend to look good on anyone and when paired with anything, wild! They were last popular in the 1990s and slowly died off in the mid-2000s but we believe that they are back and this time they will stay around much longer.

5. Plain & Ripped bootcut jeans

Plain & Ripped bootcut jeans
Image: Vogueregion / Pinterest.

Boot-cut jeans are a type of pants that fit from the waist to the knees and then begin to slowly loosen and spread out to the ankles. These are very comfortable and stylish jeans that everyone wants a pair of. Boot-cut jeans have been made available in different colors, patterns, and lengths to make them more interesting, the comfort they provide and the confidence boost they give by hugging your hips are unmatched.

6. Plain & colored fitted flare pants

Plain & Ripped bootcut jeans

Flare pants are also known as bell bottoms, they are fitted from the waist to the knees just like boot cut jeans but in a different way and for a different purpose. Flare pants are used to make the legs look longer and the wearer appears taller, they also accentuate the curves of the wearer as well. They are very flattering and come in several patterns and colors to provide multiple options to pick from.

7. Leather pants in various colors

Leather pants are one of the best pants to have on if you are trying to make a fashion statement. Being made from leather, these pants are warm, stretchy, and comfortable to have on. They come in various colors but the black, red, and brown colors are especially breathtaking. These leather pants have been in fashion for years, and will still have heads turning and mouths drooling.

8. Color block joggers

Color block joggers
Image: Shelynn / Pinterest.

Color block joggers have no doubt come to stay, they are classy, comfortable,  and easy to throw on. The lovable features of color block joggers are complemented by the fact that they can come in several colors, even colors you never expected to match- when you see such colors on color block joggers you’re sure to want one for yourself as well.

9. Ribbed pants

Ribbed pants
Image: Beginning Boutique / Pinterest.

Ribbed pants are eye-catching any day! They have a distinctive design where they are covered in continuous rows containing raised lines. They are made with comfortable materials and usually hug your curves and make your legs appear longer than usual, priceless traits.

Ribbed pants can easily be paired with any top but a favorite is when ribbed pants are paired with crop tops, they look stunning and you should try this fit. This is coming right it’s too hot to leave behind.

10. Side slit pants

Side slit pants
Image: PopSugar / Pinterest.

We should make “plain pants do not have to be boring” a mantra! Because it is the truth and there are facts to back it up firmly such as the existence of side slit pants. if you are coming to look chic while not doing too much, a pair of plain side slit pants is sure to do the magic.

These pants are fitted from the waist to the knees where a slit begins and ends at the ankle, pair these with your favorite heels, and you can conquer just about anything that comes your way, this is changing the plain pants narrative and we’re loving it completely.


Okay, now tell us- with valid reasons- why would want to leave any of these amazing pant styles back? Your reasons will surely not assure us that you’re right, but spell them out anyway because we’re curious.

Most of these pant styles just recently gained popularity, there might have been fashion models strutting on walkways in them a year or more ago, but not as many people had embraced them enough to have them trending, and now that they are trending they are going nowhere.

Swap your sweats for any of these amazing pant styles that catch your eye, and go out and swirl on compliments because you’re going to look better than what your mirror showed you.

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